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We may have been referred to as picky a time or two (or twenty...) by friends and family when it comes to hotels... Hey, when you work in the industry for as long as we have we get to be choosey when it comes to where we spend our time and money.

So, how can we help you when it comes to booking hotels? So glad you asked.
  • Not everyone wants five stars. We know this. If you're looking for something more immersive or less formal than we know just the places to send you. We don't want to send everyone to the same spots - we want to send everyone to the hotels and lodging destinations that are the best fit for them.

  • When you book with us you can expect some perks! As a Cassis Travel affiliate we are members of Virtuoso and you will get to enjoy those benefits when booking with us. We also get exclusive rates...

  • We're friends with many of the people who work at and run these spots, so expect some extra love when you arrive.

  • There is a lodging option for almost every budget but be aware of high season. High season in wine country typically kicks off in August and runs through Halloween. If you're budget-conscious then you may want to avoid this season.

  • Whether you're visiting the Central Coast or Napa Valley, there will be many options for you to choose from. Rely on us to help you sort through them.


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