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If you were planning on being "healthy" while in wine country you may want to reconsider your strategy... Wine country is full of food enthusiasts and that enthusiasm includes all things meat, cheese, pasta and more. Just like your winery options, you'll have many many dining options.

What we can help you with
  • We have both been vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten-free at some point in our lives so we know what's it like trying to find the spots that will please everyone and suit dietary needs. Tell us what you need and we'll present you with a handful of options to pick from.

  • We LOVE a good taco truck and hole in the wall. And luckily we know where they're at and look forward to sharing them with you if you're so inclined.

  • Michelin stars? Hard to get? We're on it. We happen to know the chefs and the people in charge of reservations. Work with us and experience those truly special dining experiences you'll be thinking about for years to come.

  • Sometimes you just want a picnic in the redwoods. We know - we've been there and done it. We can arrange everything from cooking classes with chefs to picnics to wine and food pairings. Don't hesitate to ask us for the dream experience - we'll do our best to make it happen.


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